In order to assist in understanding these terms and conditions, we have provided “In English” summaries of important terms. Whilst these are designed to aid your understanding, such summaries do not constitute legally binding obligations on our part. They are designed solely to improve the user’s experience. The full terms and condition are still available below and printed on the reverse of any proposals/contracts.


In English: We use these terms throughout these Ts&Cs. They are the important things we have to refer back to a lot, rather than having to write War and Peace every time, this keeps things a bit shorter.


In English: These terms and conditions cover our relationship with you and the services we supply to you. If we want to change them, we have to write and tell you. If the law gives you any extra rights on top of these Ts&Cs, then we recognise that. In basic terms, we’ll supply you with an amazing Housekeeper who will do all the things we agreed and wrote down in the proposal (the document attached). The Housekeeper will be insured and we’ll have done our best to ensure they are a really good person. There may be occasions when we need to send a different Housekeeper. This can be for lots of reasons, but we’ll do our best to ensure they’re also a really nice person who is good at their job.


In English: We can change these Ts&Cs – but we must tell you in advance. We will do this by either email or post and give you at least 30 days notice.