There’s no disguising the fact that during times of economic uncertainty it can be more challenging to market your franchise business. As 2022 reaches its end, the UK is experiencing a cost of living crisis, with rising energy, housing and food bills. All of this comes as the nation is still struggling to deal with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, it is a challenging time, but there are still opportunities for you as a franchisee to market your domestic cleaning franchise business and provide exactly what people need in this difficult time. 

Here we look at a few ways in which you can find potential new clients and retain your existing customers.

Discounts for loyal customers

Marketing your business successfully isn’t all about reaching new customers. Sometimes the most effective strategies revolve around marketing to your existing client base. With the cost of living rising and everyone struggling to make ends meet, there has never been a better time to reward your loyal customers with a discount. This could make all the difference to retaining a client that may otherwise have left as they simply can't justify the expense of having a cleaner, no matter how much they love your service! Giving your regular customers a loyalty discount helps to keep them loyal to your brand and stops them from shopping around to see if they can get inviting ‘new customer’ offers elsewhere.

Be consistent with your marketing

Now more than ever, brand recognition is what counts. People who are considering hiring a domestic cleaning company will be looking for a brand that can meet their needs and talk to them about the benefits they can offer. A consistent marketing campaign that relies on the recognition of your franchisor’s brand but communicates a message that relates to the current situation - i.e. by explaining how relatively affordable your services are, how they can save homeowners time by reducing home workload and allow more quality family time to help relieve stress and burnout - are more likely to be well received. By aligning your cleaning service with other ‘essentials’ that are central to wellbeing, you can help encourage people to put your offering as a priority. 

Offers for new customers

Customers tend to be more price sensitive and less brand loyal during times of recession, so there will be homeowners out there who are currently paying for a domestic cleaning service but amenable to changing providers if the price is right. Offering discounts to new customers may help you to prise them away from their current cleaning company.

Market for the long term

It is easy to become disheartened by sales figures during a downturn, but it’s important to focus on the long term. Suddenly changing the way you do things or the audience you market to could alienate your long-term loyal customers, causing them to drift away from your brand, possibly for good. Maintaining the quality of your service, the friendliness of your staff and the approachability of your team will all help to build brand loyalty, which will help you retain loyal customers and bring people back to your brand once they are ready to start paying for your services again.

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