If you have ever dreamed about starting your own business but have been deterred by worries of the many associated risks, along with other stumbling blocks, such as start-up costs, have you considered starting a domestic cleaning franchise business?

What is a domestic cleaning franchise?

Simply put, a franchise business requires you (the franchisee) to pay a licence fee to an established company (the franchisor) in order to open and run a business on their behalf, under their brand. The franchise model is often used in the cleaning industry, allowing for franchisees to provide a range of cleaning services within an agreed territory, using the brand name and recognition of an established cleaning business.

In recent years, cleaning franchises focusing on domestic services have become increasingly popular, providing a valuable opportunity for people with an entrepreneurial mindset to build a successful and sustainable business. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons that investing in a Domestique Franchise is a great career opportunity.

The cleaning industry is in demand

The cleaning industry is thriving and has been seeing steady growth for a number of years now. Unlike other industries where the franchise model is common, the cleaning industry is in constant demand. 

Whilst the idea of a regular house cleaning service was once seen as a luxury expense, associated mainly with the upper classes, with people working longer hours and generally experiencing busier lives, the time that can be saved by hiring a professional cleaning service is extremely valuable to many. In fact, some may consider domestic cleaning to be a necessity in order to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

There is no longer a shame around paying for cleaning services, and despite the many periods of economic uncertainty we have faced in recent years, the cleaning industry has not only withstood these challenges, but enjoyed continued growth.

Be your own boss

For any entrepreneur, one of the most appealing aspects of running a business is the chance to be your own boss, and build success on your own terms. Whilst franchises follow a tried and tested business plan, the day to day operations and growth of a cleaning franchise are in your hands. It is up to you to put in the work, but you have the freedom and flexibility to manage your time and tasks on your own terms.

Affordable initial investment and high return on investment

One of the biggest deterrents preventing people from taking the leap to start a business is the initial costs, along with how long it will take to see a return on this investment. A major advantage of starting a Domestique franchise is the low initial investment and flat management fee. In addition to this investment, a cleaning franchise does not necessarily require business premises - you can work from home, avoiding the costs related to renting or purchasing commercial premises.

Make a difference to people

Whilst the opportunity to be financially successful is certainly an important draw of a cleaning franchise, what cannot be underestimated is just how much of a difference providing a domestic cleaning service can make to your customers. As well as completing household tasks, cleaning franchises give customers their time back, making for an improved quality of life. This can provide a huge amount of career satisfaction to franchisees.

Wide variety of services you can offer

As a domestic cleaning franchise, there are actually a wide range of different services to be offered and many different opportunities to grow your business. For example, in addition to regular scheduled house cleaning, you may choose to offer spring cleaning/deep cleaning, along with more specialist services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, oven cleaning, gardening, and even help at home services.

Tried and tested business model

One of the biggest pulls for franchising is that it offers a higher chance of success and lower risk as it follows a business model that has been tried and tested many times before, resulting in a higher percentage of survival rates compared with other businesses. Having offered domestic cleaning franchises since 2010 (after running a successful cleaning business for five years previous to this), we know what makes for a successful house cleaning business.

Franchisors provide a business playbook based on their successes, and learn from challenges and failures in order to help franchisees be successful. 

Franchise support

Starting a business is always hard work, but one of the key benefits of starting a domestic cleaning franchise business is that you benefit from the support of the franchisor, but also other franchisees. Your success benefits the overall brand, so as much support is offered as possible, including start-up training, marketing support, and ongoing backing from the franchisor.

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