When setting up a home cleaning franchise in the digital age, use it to your advantage. Being more interconnected than ever allows franchisees to develop in many ways, from affordable and accessible marketing to finding the right team to grow your business.

Social Media

Social media is free to use and simple to navigate. It can be a fantastic way to promote your cleaning franchise and connect with your customers. To get you started here are a few ideas on what to post:

  • Job vacancies and how to apply

  • Choices of cleaning packages

  • Different cleaning services you offer

  • Links to your website

  • In addition to being able to keep your followers informed with regular posting, Facebook allows customers to leave your cleaning franchise a review. This can really help your page to appeal to potential new customers and show legitimacy.

    Paid Advertising

    Pay per click advertising allows budget friendly online marketing, by allowing you to create ads for your home cleaning franchise to appear at the top and bottom of relevant search results. Pay-per-click advertising is exactly as the name suggests - you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

    If your budget allows you to have more freedom with paid advertising, you could also consider:

    Social Media Advertising

    Create ads through your social media pages and target them to people who may be interested in your home cleaning franchise.


    Create ads which target past visitors of your website.

    Display Advertising

    Create ads featuring an image or photograph.

    Customer Communication

    The online world can also simplify communication with your customers. If someone has a query, they can message you on social media and you will be notified. From here a member of your team with access to your social media page will be able to reply quickly. This can help your cleaning franchise seem approachable and interactive.

    Online Reviews

    Customers leaving positive reviews for your home cleaning franchise, is a great way to appeal to potential new customers. This can help to reflect the type of business you are and the quality of service you provide. In addition to Facebook, people can also leave reviews for businesses on Google My Business.

    After setting up Google My Business, a panel should appear on the right side of search results when your business name is searched on Google. This will display your contact details, opening hours and reviews.

    Job Vacancies

    Recruitment websites will allow you to post job opportunities for your home cleaning franchise. This will help you to reach more people with your job vacancies who can easily apply if they are interested. This will also offer you a straightforward platform for viewing applications and replying to candidates.

    Getting Digital with Your Cleaning Franchise

    If you have a home cleaning franchise with us and would like to explore going digital, our team can provide guidance and support. To discuss, please get in touch.