Hygiene Practices for Domestic Cleaners

As Britain tries to return to some kind of normality following the relaxing of more and more lockdown rules, domestic cleaners are back in demand. If you are running a Domestique Franchise or are thinking about starting out on your journey as a franchisee, here is some information to bear in mind for the hygiene practices your cleaners will need to follow.

As the Covid-19 pandemic remains a very real threat, guidance is changing all the time, and we recommend that you also keep up to date with the latest advice from gov.uk.

What is the latest guidance?

Based on the latest government advice, work in other people’s home such as cleaning can continue provided:

  1. The person carrying out the work has no coronavirus symptoms and no one in their household is isolating or shielding.

  2. No one in the household you are cleaning has symptoms or is self isolating or shielding.

If you are cleaning in a house where someone is clinically vulnerable, for example over 70, but has not been asked to shield, then you need to adopt strict measures to avoid face to face contact. This will include covering your nose and mouth, washing your hands thoroughly and regularly and making prior arrangements where necessary to ensure that the vulnerable person does not answer the door.

Keeping in touch

Communication is key to the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 and you are advised to keep in regular contact with customers, prior to each visit, to ensure that no one in the household has any symptoms. This is also a good opportunity to share your hygiene practices with clients so they know what to expect before your cleaners arrive.

Hygiene guidelines for cleaners to follow

When carrying out cleaning duties is is important that you follow the guidance below:

  • Maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres, and in cases where this is impossible you will need to implement further protective measures such as PPE.

  • When cleaning, you will need to ask the household to stay in one room whilst you work, cleaning all of the other rooms first and then the room that they are in last. Giving them time to either move to another room or for you to clean at a safe social distance.

  • All cleaners will need to wear masks and gloves whilst cleaning and for the entire time they are in a customers’ homes.

  • Clean dusters and cloths will need to be used for each home.

  • Antibacterial products should be used wherever possible to ensure that surfaces are sanitised, paying particular attention to highly touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches and countertops.

It is also advisable to keep a well ventilated environment, so it is suggested that cleaners ask clients if they would be happy to open windows beforehand, where possible, so that fresh air can circulate.

More information

If you need more information on carrying out your cleaning operations safely and effectively please get in touch with the Domestique Franchise team on 0845 625 9895, drop us an email or contact us using our contact form.