Pros and Con of Starting a Domestic Cleaning Franchise

During this uncertainty, many of us will be reevaluating different areas of our lives and what we can do to feel more stable in the future. Currently, jobs are a concern for many people around the U.K. with many reconsidering their chosen careers. Starting a domestic cleaning franchise can offer you a wealth of opportunities to benefit both your working and personal life.

In this blog we will be outlining some of the many benefits of starting a domestic cleaning franchise for yourself and how to get started.


If you are a key worker and are still having to leave the safety of your home to continue working, you may be looking for flexibility in a change of career. By owning a franchise, you create the work rota. Therefore, you can decide which days you work from home, which meetings are completed through Skype and which days you can start the working day a little earlier or later, to suit you.

This can be especially beneficial for those with underlying health conditions, are living with vulnerable people, or have dependents who want flexibility if a similar situation like this ever happens again.

Being the Decision Maker

By starting your very own domestic cleaning franchise you will have the added pressure of having a team of people relying on you. During lows of the business, they will be looking to you for essential advice and support which will not sacrifice their employment.

However, you may find comfort in this if you believe that you can confidently make important decisions while taking into consideration the needs and wants of each employee in your franchise. By being the decision maker in the business, you can follow what feels right for you, your business and your team during times of crisis.

Creating New Opportunities

While being a domestic cleaning franchise, your services are not strictly limited. As well as core home cleaning services, you can consider other cleaning opportunities to offer customers. This can be especially helpful to adapt to new situations and changing markets, to meet demands of your customers.

If you ever feel pressure to expand your services, to invest in higher quality equipment and products, consider it an opportunity. At Domestique, our team are always here to provide advice and support to our franchisees.

Supporting Your Local Community

When a community comes together, great things can happen. After the virus has begun to calm down, you may find that many more people will become germ conscious and will up their home cleaning game. This can be an opportunity to expand your business and offer job opportunities to local people to meet any new demand.

Being successful in starting a domestic cleaning franchise you can also help to support local causes to strengthen your community and provide a safer place to live. This will also help you to establish a good local reputation, keeping you competitive and trustworthy.

Starting a Domestic Cleaning Franchise

If you are looking for a new career path which offers plenty of opportunities, a healthy work life balance and room to learn new skills, consider opening a franchise. At Domestique we have lots of opportunities for new people to come on board and provide extensive training and support for opening a domestic cleaning franchise.

For more information on starting a domestic cleaning franchise, please complete our contact form and our team will get back to you.