If you have decided to set up a domestic cleaning franchise, there are plenty of exciting times ahead!

Owning your own business provides a range of potential advantages, offering the chance of financial independence, increased job satisfaction and a much-improved work/life balance.

But before you begin to reap the benefits there is plenty of work ahead, so here we look at some of the key considerations to make when setting up your first domestic cleaning franchise.


Locality is an important element for any business, with most franchise companies offering new franchisees a choice of available regions where they can offer their services. Serving areas close to your home or office will be a major advantage, easing issues with travel and associated costs.


Setting out a simple marketing plan is essential to spreading the word about your new business. Luckily, becoming part of a cleaning franchise will allow you to use their company branding and you will receive support and advice on creating leaflets and making the most of online marketing.


Setting out an affordable and practical budget for the first year of your business will be vital to the initial success of your new venture. Make sure to consider overheads such as travel and wages, and also look to gain advice from your franchising partner on how to make the most of your earnings.


One of the big advantages of setting up a domestic cleaning franchise is that start-up costs are lower than in most industries. Cleaning equipment, materials and can be purchased quite cheaply in a normal store, but consider finding a wholesaler who can offer bulk products at a discounted price.


Making sure that your future clients can get in touch is a simple consideration that can sometimes be overlooked. So it’s a good idea to choose a phone number and email address that can be used by customers and suppliers to contact you, making sure to use these details on all marketing collateral.

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