One of the key considerations to make when you set up a business is choosing the right location.

This is particularly important to domestic cleaning franchises, where a strong regional client base is key to a successful and efficient business model.

There are many geographical factors to think about, ranging from commercial to personal concerns, so here we look at some of the core elements to consider.


One of the key advantages of owning a domestic cleaning franchise is that you can choose to work close to home. This helps to find a better work/life balance when it comes to things like commuting and childcare, and can make it far easier to enjoy your working routine. Even better, working in your local area can help to make considerable savings on transport.


Before beginning your new franchise venture, it’s important to consider the level of competition that exists in your region of choice. Plenty of market research will be needed in order to make sure that your new business can compete in the local area and that your efforts don’t infringe on any postcodes that are part of your franchising network.


Wherever you choose to focus the regional activities of your business, transport is an important consideration. If you plan to walk or cycle a short distance to each job, consider how you will need to carry your cleaning equipment. But if you have longer to travel you will have to think about the reliability and suitability of public transport, or even investing in a car or van.


Running a domestic cleaning franchise will require some frequently used equipment and products - from cleaning fluids and scrubbing brushes to carpet cleaners and vacuums. These items are all likely to be available at a premium price at local stores, but for better value and business savings it is worth considering if there is a wholesale outlet or cash-and-carry in your region.

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