Next month sees the return of 'National Work Life Week', a UK-wide awareness campaign that offers an opportunity for employers and employees to discuss and learn about the importance of maintaining a good work/life balance.

Driven by the Working Families organisation, the event will highlight the many physical and mental advantages of managing the priorities in our lives and explore the ways in which businesses and individuals can find a better way to balance time spent in and out of the workplace.


Many people who start a franchise do so because it offers the rare opportunity to become your own boss. This provides a chance to work on your own terms, making it easier to successfully manage working hours around personal responsibilities such as housework, childcare and essential activities such as exercise, socialising and getting some well-earned rest.


People who wish to run their own business are often attracted to cleaning franchises as they offer a lot of flexibility. Not only can you choose to run your franchise on a full-time or part-time basis dependant on your needs, but you can also choose industries and sectors to target that work in parallel with your desired working hours and availability.

Reducing stress

Many UK workers suffer from stress due to high work demands, long hours and pressure from fellow colleagues, with an increasing number of us taking our work home with us. Franchising allows you to manage the workloads and expectations faced on a daily basis, significantly reducing the amount of work-related stress and helping to separate work from play.

What commute?

The average UK worker has a 54-minute daily commute, with many losing hours each week simply getting to and from the workplace. A major advantage of franchising is that business owners can choose to be based at home or in a nearby office, and can work with clients within a local radius that makes lengthy commuting a thing of the past.

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