Running a business can provide a lifetime of benefits, but you need to stay organised and on top of everything happening. Organising your schedule, team and office space can help to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

There are a few simple hacks that can make the biggest of changes in your work life organisation, helping your day run more smoothly:

Filing Documents

So much time can be wasted searching through mountains of paper around your office for the right document. A filing cabinet or selection of folders, organised into categories, can eliminate clutter and help make paperwork and meetings a lot less stressful.

2. Inbox Clean Up

There’s no need to keep every single email you receive. Declutter your inbox by deleting everything that is outdated and no longer relevant, leaving behind only the important updates, invitations and queries to chase up on.

3. Update Social Media

But it’s not just your business email that requires a routine clear up. On a regular basis, go through all your franchise’s social media profiles to check that all contact details and promoted offers are up to date, all messages are replied to and respond to the feedback left in the reviews section. This will allow customers to find your franchise easily with no confusion.

4. Cloud Sharing

Enable straight forward sharing of files through cloud storage technologies. Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive are both popular tools that are free, easily available and simple to transfer files between with fellow colleagues.

5. Utilising Productivity Tools

It’s not easy to remember everything that happens within the franchise, but it can be made simpler with the right productivity tool. Whether it’s an app or even just the schedule feature on your desktop calendar, make the most of it. Use it to log details of events, meetings, launches, interviews and anything else you absolutely need to remember. This way, you can stay organised, alerted and no tasks are forgotten about.

As the saying goes, “if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail”. Excellent organisation is the key to success, as it allows your work day to run by smoothly with minimal stress.

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