Have you always considered running your own cleaning business but wondered what the real benefits will be? Here we outline some of the big advantages of going it alone in the modern cleaning industry.

1. Be your own boss

Running your own company gives you full control of how your business will develop and flourish. You can enjoy the complete freedom to make key decisions on the direction you feel is best for your business, building your own strategy for long-term success.

2. Work/Life balance

Running your own company allows you to control your business and the way you live your everyday life. You’ll have the freedom to choose how your working and personal commitments align, creating a balance that suits you, your family and your business.

3. Low start-up and running costs

Without the immediate need for business premises or a fleet of vehicles, the initial start-up costs for a cleaning company are relatively low. Buying or hiring equipment will be the only significant early outlays, along with marketing your business.

4. Plenty of opportunity

Because cleaning is an essential service, the industry offers a wide range of opportunities across many different sectors. So whether you choose to focus on offering residential, commercial or specialised assistance, there will be a niche out there for you and your business!

5. Great earning potential

Everyone needs help with cleaning and more British households and businesses than ever are paying for domestic or commercial assistance. Because of this high level of demand, the industry provides a fantastic opportunity to earn very good money.

If you’d like to build your cleaning business with support and brand recognition offered by an industry leading company, franchising might be the right opportunity for you. Click here to find out more.