There is no doubt that the UK domestic cleaning market is on the rise. As parents struggle to fulfil expensive child care costs without both being out at work and reducing pension incomes postponing retirement for many, there simply isn’t the time available for adequate, regular home cleaning.

Step up the domestic cleaning market in the UK, estimated to be worth 4.7bn back in 2011 and predicted to continue growing in size, the ability to deliver a clean, tidy home to come home to is now more in demand than ever.

What about cleaning franchises?

The franchise market overall is estimated to deliver over £15billion to the UK economy, with more than 620,000 people currently employed in franchising*. Having grown by over 70% in the last ten years, we can safely assume that franchising is here to stay.

Without realising it many people are using the services of a franchise every day, and with domestic cleaning growing in demand it is fair to say that many homeowners are currently enjoying the benefits of a regular clean from a UK domestic cleaning franchise.

Another argument for the growth in professional cleaning services is that of restore vs replace. In times of hardship and economic uncertainty, many homeowners will opt to deep clean and restore carpets and upholstery to prolong their life span, rather than committing to the more expensive option of replacing with new furnishings. So even in times of slow economic growth, domestic cleaning services can still experience a rise in demand.

Franchising Trends 2016

One of the key concepts to come out of the Franchising Trends 2016 was the growth in demand for eco-friendly products and services. Cleaning franchises have the opportunity to step up to the plate here, satisfying those who are conscious about climate change by ensuring cleaning product bottles and containers can be recycled and using eco-friendly cleaning liquids.

Do you want to become a franchisee?

The majority of people consider franchising because, according to the 2016 UK franchising survey, they want to become their own boss without having to come up with a brilliant business idea. Cleaning offers the perfect franchise opportunity as the vast majority of people want to keep their homes clean and tidy, but the pressures of modern life often mean it is impossible to complete without some external support.

A clean home might be on the agenda for many modern households but that doesn’t mean everyone is ready to accept the help of a paid cleaning service. Many say they would feel guilty about someone else doing their housework, whereas others will cite affordability as their reason to stick at the task themselves.

However, domestic cleaning franchisees can do a lot to raise awareness about the benefits of having a home cleaning service and by offering flexibility in terms of the type of clean, frequency and what rooms are covered, there is sure to be something to suit all needs.

There has never been a better time to become a franchisee and in particular to join a domestic cleaning franchise so find out more today about your opportunities by calling us on 0121 369 0999.

*Source - bfa/NatWest Franchise Survey, Jan 2016