A recent survey suggested that a pretty huge percentage of workers do not feel fully engaged with their work and feel tired of the monotonous Monday to Friday slog, without feeling like they are going anywhere. For this reason, many people are deciding that they are tired of working for someone else, choosing instead to set up a domestic cleaning business of their own.

Whilst the idea of setting up a completely independent cleaning business can be very appealing, this can mean that you will be starting completely from scratch, not only with your client base, but your business plan, marketing efforts and even training your staff. In contrast, owning a domestic cleaning franchise allows you to go into business for yourself, but with the benefit of not being completely alone.

domestic cleaning franchise

By taking on a Domestique franchise, you are far from starting from scratch and will benefit from a wide range of advantages:

Brand name recognition

Developing recognition of your brand can often take a number of years, combined with a lot of hard work. By taking on a cleaning franchise, you can associate your company with a brand name that is already widespread, trusted and respected. Although your business may be new, customers will associate your company with the services already provided by Domestique as a whole.

Set-up support

By becoming a franchisee, you can benefit from a tried and tested business plan along with all the training you need to put it into place for you. As well as providing a start-up training course, becoming a franchisee also means that you will have a website built for you and all business software will be set up for your territory.

Ongoing support

In addition to being provided with the tools to get started, once your business is up and running, you will also have the benefit of ongoing support from head office, for example:

  • Assistance with paid advertising
  • Website management
  • Online forum support
  • Appointments are booked centrally
  • Contracts for both clients and staff and the general paper supplied by Head Office
  • Full training will be provided

Whilst starting a new business will always be a gamble, by taking on a domestic cleaning franchise, you start out with a definite advantage over independent start-ups. To be a franchisee is to associate with a tried and tested, proven business plan and structure. Over the years, Domestique have worked out what does and doesn’t work for the business, so you can join with confidence of success, providing you continue to follow the business plan set by the franchisor.

If you would like to learn more about acquiring a Domestique franchise, call us today on 0121 369 0999. Throughout the month of August, we are offering the amazing offer of a true management franchise for on £1,998, 60% off the regular price of £4995.