Joining a cleaning franchise is a valuable option, as an experienced franchisor can give you the guidance and support you need to grow a substantial business of your own. With an established business plan already set out for you and access to a range of resources, starting as a domestic cleaning franchisee can quickly raise you above competitors and help you maintain stability.

But, your success will certainly come down to the cleaning franchise you choose to work with. Finding one with the right expertise, and a franchise that can give you the freedom and flexibility you need, shouldn’t be considered lightly.

If you’re interested in starting a cleaning business with the right franchise, here are some of the key things to consider:

Is a cleaning business really right for me?

Cleaning services are always in demand and the industry is seeing steady growth alongside the economy. However, although becoming a cleaning franchisee may be profitable, you’ll need to decide whether the industry and its demands are really something you’ll be happy, driven and able to deal with – not just for the short term.

Is it best to own a franchisee?

Owning a franchise offers many advantages over owning a cleaning business independently, though again you’ll need to think about whether being a franchisee is better for your specific needs and goals. As a franchise owner you’ll be able to control a viable business, under an established company reputation and customer base.

Another major benefit of becoming a cleaning franchisee is that you can receive expert operational training, and business development, marketing and technical support without the risks associated with independent ownership. When choosing a cleaning franchise be sure to check their conditions, and really drill down what services they’ll provide you to be sure they’ll best fit in line with what you want to achieve.

What cleaning services can I offer?

There are a wide range of domestic cleaning services you can provide to customers, from general house cleaning to oven, window and carpet cleaning. You’ll need to determine which services you’d prefer to offer, along with whether you will offer one-off services or regular cleaning. Can your cleaning franchisor facilitate this?

Who is my target market?

Your target market will be determined by the cleaning sector you opt in to; for instance, commercial or domestic. You can find out more about setting up as a domestic cleaning franchise here.

However, you’ll need to review whether your franchisor will be able to effectively help you reach and break into that target market. A cleaning company that has a credible, high-level network of industry partners or a well-established and growing customer base, may be able to afford you more consistent opportunities to connect and expand.


If you’re unsure about these questions there’s no need to worry – why not speak to us and run through your requirements? We can help advise you on the best route to start your successful domestic cleaning business and give you more information about current franchisees. Call us today on 0845 625 9895 or fill out our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.